We offer tailor made training, premium support, and consulting services in the field of computational fluid dynamics.  Please see below for a more detailed summary of our services.

Tailored Training

We offer tailor made training.  We speak with our clients and gather information about the types of applications they plan to use CFD to solve, the depth of experience of the engineers in the group that will be training and use this information to provide a targeted training session that will best meet their needs.

Premium Support

We offer premium support services that go above and beyond the standard support offered by most software vendors.  If you have a new employee who is still growing into their role as a CFD engineer, we can work closely with them to mentor them through the process of building a CFD mesh and completing a CFD analysis.  We also offer support during periods of time when your CFD software vendor’s standard support may not be available, late at night or weekends.  Standard support is great for experienced CFD engineers, but sometimes you need something more.  If you want to do the project internally, but need help getting it done, we can help.

Consulting Services

If doing the work internally is not an option, we offer consulting services where we would complete all or part of the project for you from beginning to end.  We would meet with you to gather information to understand your requirements, construct a plan, and submit a proposal that we believe to be in your best interests.  Whether you need a CAD model prepped, a mesh built, or the full CFD analysis completed and the related post processing done, we can help.